Tuesday, May 28, 2013


it's been multiple weeks since i've written anything.  there is a lot going on here.  seizures from little.  scary e.r. trip with big. nephew graduated.  fishing. swimming. trying to maintain some sort of organization in my house.  spring cleaning/purging. therapies. life here can get a little full sometimes.
and we're headed into adding speech therapy for big.  a 48 hour video eeg for little.  pulmonalogist appointment for both.  booth hearing test for little. dentist appointment for both. and cardiology with ekg and echo for little.
jason has also been working a lot.  weekends.  evenings.  going in early.  he's just been gone a lot.  so, in essence, it's the perfect recipe for me to get overwhelmed.  add to that that my four year old, for whatever reason, has spent the last three weeks testing boundaries, and you have a mama who is trying to get through every day with some amount of patience left.
so instead of spending a whole post breaking this all down, i'll leave you with some pictures of our lives over the last few weeks.  and when i've got a better handle on life here, or at very least, when we have had the opportunity to spend a few days at the splash park enjoying life, i'll write something awesome.

put put.  she cheated a lot, and hit one legitimate hole in one.

standing in therapy.

people slow down and stare at her when she plays outside.  the bonnet may have something to do with it.

playing with the neighbor boy.  everyday they drive their cars together.

her wizard of oz outfit for ballet.

she has learned to tie, and was practicing on her papa's shoes.  she also decided to show me a ballet move.

shilo clapping with her cousin.

fishing with her spiderman pole.

crazy bedhead.  and that face she made right as i took the picture.  silly girl.

passed out after swimming.

car ride home after a weekend with cousins.

both girls slept for a little bit.


  1. You are a busy Mama! Just wanted to say I like your art corner, with your supplies all organized (always that way, aren't they?) in the buckets and cubbies. Neat idea. Also an update on 13yr old H that I told you about. Her mom (my very busy friend) gave an award at senior awards. I was taking a photo of my senior son afterwards, my friend chatting with me as I did. I felt this funny little nibbling sort of thing going on at my shoulder. I turned to see it was H, giving me kind of a nibbly "kiss" on my shirt. Yay! She likes me! Her mom said she recently started this, but only had done it to her dad. I say, it's because H reserves it for special people in her life...her dad...and ME! I'm just happy that she was greeting me and seemed pleased to see me.
    And my girls had Little House bonnets, too. They loved the books, and a friend made bonnets for them. Our oldest daughter is 30!
    Nancy in the Midwest

  2. Oh yes...super standing Shioh! And I love your little Ozian in costume.
    Nancy in the Midwest