Monday, May 6, 2013


so a while back i wrote about how our family is working on learning sign.  we are at a point where we can understand a lot.  signing it back-a little harder.  this is common (i'm told) in the steps of learning a foreign language.
every monday we either have our deaf role model at our house, or we go to class with her.  on the mondays she is here we ask about signs we want to learn and stumble through carry on a back and forth conversation in sign.  on the class mondays, jason and i go and learn about deaf culture, and things like, yes and no questions are asked with eye brows lowered.  wh questions with eye brows raised.  we learn lots of other culture stuff as well, and practice conversation as well as answering questions.
these intense signing times often leave my head sort of hurting.  not like a headache, so much, but more of a brain trying to take in more than it can handle sort of thing.  but we're getting there.  we can communicate across the room in sign.  sometimes i can pick up words that are finger spelled at faster than lightning speed.  i do believe some day i might be fluent in asl.
every now and then, i think a word in sign.  and sometimes we declare quiet times at our house and we have to use sign (abigail doesn't always adhere-but she's getting pretty good as well).
but my most exciting morning, was the morning i woke up and remembered having dreamt in sign.  i had a whole dream in sign language.  it doesn't mean i'm there.  it does mean my brain is moving in that direction.

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