Friday, May 10, 2013

the big.

a lot of my post lately have been about shilo.  she's in a stage of life where things are happening quickly, she's changing, and meeting new milestones.  she's also has a lot more going on medically right now than abigail does.  so to balance it, this post is dedicated to my big, and all her fabulousness.

we'll start with a few of my favorite recent anecdotes from her:

abigail holding two pieces of spinach:
'hey spinach.
hey what?
you have dip on your head.'
(talking about the civil war-and the pictures of abraham lincoln at connor prarie).
'do you know what a slave is?'
'a slave is a person that someone else tries to own. they make them do things, whether they want to or not. and if they don't do it, they are mean to them.'
'you mean like when you tell me what to do?'

'that morning laura woke up. it was hot outside. it was cold outside. laura went outside and it was warm.'
(abigail 'reading on the banks of plum creek to herself)
'chickens don't have wings.'
'they do.'
'no they don't. i saw it on the computer.'
'i'm getting some special drinks for my retreat on friday. i'm going to spend the night with some of my friends from church.'
'why you going on a retreat?'
'sometimes mama's need to take a break. it will help me be a better mama.'
'you already take a break. you stay home everyday.'

'mama can you do this for me?'
'do what?'
'will you do this?'
'i'm not sure what you are wanting me to do.'
'me neither. (skips away).'
at 10:30 i hear a loud bang from the girl's bedroom. i go up to check, thinking abigail had fallen out of bed. 
'abigail, why are you still awake? and what was the bang?'
'that was me climbing back in bed. i was looking out the window. i was trying to see the moon so i could know if it was big or little. it's going around the earth right now.'
stranger to shilo: 'hi (unintelligible baby talk).'
abigail: 'she can't hear you. she's deaf.'
'mama, could you move that knife off of the table, so i don't just climb right up, and play with it and cut my finger off?'
...or you could just choose not to touch it....
'pigs are made our of bacon.' 

and i'll share a few of our favorite captured moments of abigail's.

showing off some moves.

puddle jumping.

after an evening storm.

she brought me flowers.  the one by itself is my favorite.

trying rhubarb from our garden.

we went to conner prarie.  she is obsessed with her subonnet like ingalls girls wore.

a spoonful of chocolate.  a silly face.

we swapped vest...and made our sassy face.
have i ever mentioned how jealous i am of this hair?

that's life with our big.  she makes us laugh a lot.  she is full of energy and loves life.  

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