Saturday, February 5, 2011


Sorry this is so late in coming. We are home. Abigail ended up having pneumonia. We came home Thursday afternoon. And frankly, I am still trying to recover from the ridiculous lack of sleep that happens in a hospital. Is it really necessary to do blood draws two days in a row at 5:30 a.m.?
Overall though, I must say that I feel incredibly grateful for the experience we had. We had amazing nurses, a great family doctor, and the others who were checking up on her. We have amazing friends who came to visit, brought us food, and sent us kind words on facebok. We had a whole heap of people praying for her (and us too I'm assuming). Nobody wants to experience there child being that sick, or having to be hospitalized. It was however, an amazing reminder of the great body of Christ we are part of and how loved our daughter and family is. I still get tears in my eyes thinking of it all.
I have lots more thoughts about it that I may write about soon, but I have some other news I want to share (nothing to do with pregnancy or another baby). We got a phone call from the surgeon in Chicago who we sent Abigail's scans to, and she is a great candidate for surgery to remove her tumor! The only setback is that her insurance won't cover it. She has medicaid as well as another insurance specifically for children with special needs. The surgery is considered 'elective', it is out of state, and the surgeon doesn't accept public insurance programs. There is still a small possibility that the hospital that they do the surgery at will be covered, but we aren't holding out breath.
So right now we are in the mode of trying to decide on some fundraisers, and do some research to figure out how to add a little bar so people who would like to donate can. I think the total cost will be somewhere around 10,000. I know that is a lot of money, but for a surgery that will affect my daughter's well being, by a surgeon who is the best, it seems like not very much to me. :)
So although it was a very long week for our family, the call from the surgeon (he actually called, not a nurse) on Friday lifted my spirits a whole lot.

Thankful that God has given man the ability to do things like remove tumors,

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  1. We are not financially secure enough to give money, but if you get a donate bar on your page, give me the link so I can put one up on my page too.