Monday, February 7, 2011

Something to talk about.

For months Abigail lagged behind in speech. She was unable to put words together. She had one word choppy fragments that we had to decipher into what she was asking for. So we began speech therapy. We didn't see any huge changes.
There were some budget cuts to our state's early intervention program (for children three and under with special needs) and so we 'temporarily' lost speech services. I wasn't that devastated because the therapist was doing things that we already did. I figured I could keep working with her.
And then one day she woke up, and it was like everything that had been stuck in her brain just started coming out. She was talking, singing along with every song on the radio (even though we had never heard her even try to sing before), and telling us her thoughts on things.
We won't continue speech whenever it becomes available again. It's so nice to see things progressing. Even her p.t. and o.t. are at a point where things aren't seeming to be necessary anymore. Her physical stuff we will continue because we don't want her to lose strength in her leg (we have seen a little bit of a decrease from the tumor). But really the only physical lagging she has left is running, and it is because of the actual make-up of her legs; and there's nothing the therapist can do to change that. We will have to deal with that after she has surgery.
Anyway, here is a little video of Abigail singing a song we have sung to her since she was born. I was singing it today, and she just started singing along word for word. There is way more in that little head of hers than we even realize.

In case you can't pick up on all of the words;

Psalm 121

I lift my eyes up, unto the mountains. Where does my help come from? My help comes from you, maker of heaven, creator of the earth. Oh how I need you Lord, you are my only hope, you're my only prayer. So I will wait for you, to come and rescue me, come and give my life.

Enjoying the sweet words or our daughter,

P.S. If you didn't already notice, there is a new button on the side of this page where you can help fund Abigail's surgery if you are able or feeling led to You can also put the button on your blog, or share it on facebook, e-mail, twitter, or wherever else!


  1. Hi this is Nick and Ali's cousin Katie. We met briefly at Nick's surprise graduation party two summers ago.

    I want you to know that I was struck by your love and devotion to Abigale! Every time I got together with family I would ask Nick about how you all were doing.

    This breaks my heart. Please know that you and your lovely family are in my prayers!!!

    Much love,

  2. The button is already on my blog!

    Also, Joey is like that. Lagging behind and then all of a sudden *bam!* he starts doing something I've been trying to get him to do for at least a year. Just out of the blue. He's a jumper on the developmental scale. Most kids slide up with slow progression along the way......Joey just sits there forever and ever and then all of a sudden he takes a really big leap.