Saturday, January 8, 2011

We just figured out Blue's Clue's.

I know I mentioned before that one of the things Abigail LOVES is Blue's Clue's. And in the last post I showed you a picture of Abigail with her Blue's Clues movie she got for Christmas. The past two weeks have been spent in an almost constant living in the world of Blue. Abigail will all of a sudden proclaim, "a cue a cue." She then will retrieve one of her notebooks (stacks of paper I cut up and stapled together) and crayons, draw her clue and sit in her "thinking chair."
So we decided that it might be fun to do a real game where she searched for clues to figure out what her snack was. She woke up from nap and we brought her down and helped her search our house.
Abigail has her notebook and crayon and is ready to search for clues.
Searching (the clue is on the wall below the window).

"A clue a clue." Our first clue was the color brown.
Putting it in our notebook.
The second clue was a rectangle box.

Mama helping draw our second clue.
Searching for our last clue.

It's right there on the wall! Our third clue. It's a bunny. Now it's time for our....
"Thinking chair."
"What could we have for snack that is brown, looks like a bunny, and is in a rectangle box?" "Chockerk bunnies."
This was the end of Blue's Clues. We then got to go and enjoy some chocolate bunnies (like teddy grahams, only bunnies) for our snack with a very excited two year old. I love how easy it is to do fun things that make our children happy.
Going to look for more clues,

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  1. Oh my word! I love that game! We're going to have to watch a few episodes of Blues Clues and then do the game at home too!