Friday, January 21, 2011

My thoughts on abortion.

I've been toying with writing this blog for a few days. The more time that goes by the more my heart turns in my chest yearning for the pains of the world to be gone. And so I find myself unable to contain the thoughts any longer. This post will most likely be passionate. It is my opinion because this is my blog.
Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, has come to mind a lot over the last few days. Maybe you know this, maybe you don't, but her goal was to create a superior race by eliminating blacks, and other groups who were mentally or in some other way 'inferior.' Here are some quotes from her:
'We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.'
'Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.'
'The most urgent problem today is how to limit and discourage the over-fertility of the mentally and physically defective.'
'The undeniably feeble minded should, indeed, not only be discouraged, but prevented from propagating their kind.'

Even now Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in America. 78% of their clinics are in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% or our population and 35% of abortions. Maybe that is purely coincidence, but since the origins of planned parenthood were directed at a specific population it doesn't seem that surprising that is still the target population.
Maybe I need to spell out (aside from the fact that this is atrocious) why this is so disturbing to me. You see my daughter is among the population that Margaret Sanger was trying to rid the world of. Her race, and her special needs, and the social class she was born into puts her in the population that needed to be 'exterminated.' This weighs heavy on my heart any time I put too much thought into it. I watch my beautiful daughter laugh, talk, play, or just all snuggled up on my lap and can't imagine my life without this little girl.
The reason this is all in my mind today though, is because I read a story. I read a story about a doctor in Pennsylvania performing horrible, ugly, heinous procedures that took the lives of innumerable babies. There are lots of details that you are more than welcome to read for yourself. But the thing that I can't get away from was the he specifically targeted minorities, and poor woman. He exploited a group of woman, killing some of them, causing other irreparable physical damage (I won't even go into the emotional toll it takes on people) because he could make money. He literally killed babies, born alive, who would have lived, simply because he could.
Once again all I can see is my sweet little girl, a little girl whom the world around me would have chosen to kill. Her life would not have been considered worthwhile because she was born in poverty, she has special needs, and she is black. And for this reason I can not stop weeping for all of the other little Abigail's that were killed in that clinic; that are killed daily in the United States.
I do not agree with abortion. I think every child has the right to live. When I started this post I didn't even realize today was the 38th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Did you know that the woman who fought so hard to have abortion legalized never had an abortion? Did you know that the same woman is now an active advocate AGAINST abortion?
I can not write enough about how very thankful I am that Abigail's birth mother believes in life. She believed enough to spend nine months carrying my daughter. She still believes she made the right choice, despite the number of people who ask her how she could give her baby away. My little girl who would have been an 'aborted fetus' had it been left up to lots of other people, is my two year old daughter instead. This man says it beautifully in his blog.

I will end with telling you that if you are reading this and have had an abortion I do not hate you. My heart hurts for you because I am aware of the long lasting pain that can result. I have an amazing friend, whom I love, who had an abortion. Years later she is married with children, and the pain of the child and the choice is still there. I am not angry at her. I do not think she is a horrible person. I think, like so many of us, she made a choice, that at the time she thought was best, and has been forgiven and redeemed because she knows Christ. Some day she will get to spend eternity with that beautiful little one.

My beautiful little girl who was given a chance at life.


  1. I agree. Life is good. No matter who you are. Babies deserve to live.

  2. I love this post, I agree completely with you and I love you for being bold enough to write it. Each and every life is a blessing, the only one who can give life or take it away is the One who spoke the world into existence. It pains me that people can think that killing a child can be easier than "giving them up" for adoption. Blessings to you and your sweet miracle Abigail.