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First of all I will start this post with he fact that Abigail's EEG came back clear!! WOO HOO!! However it has also left us a little puzzled about her night time episodes and so we are sort of backing up for a few weeks and thinking through the next step.

I have no idea how much of each person's personality is nature and how much is nurture. Abigail has lots of things that we are pretty certain are not from us. Like her obsession with girly things, her sense of style (notice in the picture above she is wearing her robe with a tutu over the top), and the jokes she comes up with all on her own.
This post is going to be all about the funny things Abigail says and does. I wanted to post it for others to laugh, but also so I would have a record of some of these things. I will give you a heads up in case you are easily offended though. Our home is one where we are honest about the names of body parts, are okay with potty talk, and we sometimes use spankings as a form of punishment. All of these things will be included below so if you might be offended stop here and close the page. There, now that I have qualified everything read on if you would like to laugh.
We will start with Abigail's jokes.
-When Abigail is given instructions by Mama or Papa she is learning to respond with 'Yes' and then the parent's name. She thinks it is pretty funny to say the opposite parent of what she is supposed to. Yesterday we were sitting and waiting on a doctor to come in and I gave her an instruction to which she responded, 'yes doctor.'
-Right now she thinks it's hilarious to say, 'water, milk, water, milk, water, milk.' It's one of those not funny jokes that kids tell but you are supposed to laugh. However she says it over and over until she erupts in giggles and laughs so hard that you can't help but laugh; further exacerbating her thought that the phrase is hilarious.
Funny things she says.
-What are you doing comes out as, 'Papa donuh?'
-We sing a song at church that is Jesus repeated and then thank you repeated. Abigail sings, 'Jeyuh, Jeyuh, Jeyuh. Thank you, thank you, your welcome.'
-Although she has already mostly gotten away from this, for a while if you asked her what comes after ten she would respond with, 'Ha ha ha.' (Like the count from Sesame Street)
-After Abigail's last MRI she woke up and was groggy and crying. I was trying to ask her different things that she might want, each of which she responded with either, 'No thank you' or 'Yes please.' The nurse said she was the politest patient coming out of anesthesia she had ever seen.
-A few weeks ago Abigail had to have blood drawn. I tried to give her as much information before as I could (they are going to poke you, it will hurt a little). She bravely sat on my lap and told me, 'Hurt. Sad.' She never cried. We made a huge deal out of what a big girl she was and how proud of her we were. She now tells everyone, 'Poke arm. Hurt, sad. Gigirl. Mama Papa pwoud you.'
-Right now when she wants to do something she either proclaims, 'I goyit, I goyit.' (I've got it) or 'Iself.'
-Abigail's favorite stuffed animal is her lambie, 'mamie.' Whenever she sees a lamb of any sort: animal cracker, in a book, ornament, she holds it up next to her face, and sucks her thumb like she does with her stuffed lambie.
-She calls chocolate, 'chockerk.'
Potty talk.
-We unknowingly taught Abigail to call her her bowel movements stinky by asking her if she was stinky when she was in diapers. The name stuck and we were fine with it. And then one day she realized that her 'stinky' went plop when it landed in the potty. The name has now transformed to 'plop.' It is not a verb. It is a noun.
-She also picked up on the potty noise at some point. She has no siblings (yet) and has not picked this up from anyone (I am around when she is with other kids). She thinks it's hilarious to stop and pretend to pee, 'psssshhhhh. Abigail peed floor.' She also makes her stuffed animals do it, sometimes being in the potty, in their pants, in the bed.
-And last but not least is tooting. We have always said 'hey' when she toots. So she of course says it now whenever someone else does or she does. It generally goes like this, 'HEY, Abigail toot. Shoooweee Abigial stinky.' However every now and then I'll ask her if she tooted and she will blame someone else.
-Whenever we spank Abigail we always tell her how many she is going to get and where. So our conversation goes something like this, 'Abigail you touched the heater and it is a no touch. Mama and Papa have told you if you touch it you will get a spanking. Mama is going to give you two spanks on the bottom for touching the heater.' One day I sent her to the bathroom to receive a spanking and when I walked in she said, 'three spanks please.'
-For the past few weeks now whenever she is told to go somewhere to receive a spanking she responds with, 'no thank you Mama.'
And last but not least is anatomy.
-First of all, we have no idea why, but Abigail has a nose as well as nook. The nose is the outside part and the 'nook' is the nostrils. She came up with it on her own, but it seems fitting.
-She has seen her Papa go potty numerous times and knows he has a penis. For a while whenever I had on pajama pants with strings she would refer to them as a penis. I kept correcting her and telling her they were strings. The other day she walked in the bathroom while Jason was peeing, pointed to his penis and said, "stwing."
-Abigail has (twice) asked me (both times while in a public restroom, of course), 'Touch Mama's gina?' No, no you may not.
-Abigail knows what nipples are. She recently realized that I have more there than just nipples. I did my darnedest to explain to her that Mama's use their chest to feed little babies. They have milk and they babies drink from their Mama's chest. I showed her pictures of herself nursing as well as some online. I also had a friend who allowed her to watch her feed her baby. However Abigail still says this to me regularly, 'Mama chest (and points to my chest). Feed baby. Milk.' At this point she nuzzles up to my chest and goes, 'Nom nom nom nom.' Jason thinks it's hilarious. I'm a little nervous about what people are going to think we are teaching her at home.
-Abigail noticed that Jason had hair on his belly the other night. She responded by asking, 'bwush?'
I'm certain there are lots more things. I wanted to capture a few because you don't realize until months later that the little things you thought were really cute are suddenly gone and they have moved on to being big.
Laughing with our sweet bug,

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