Saturday, August 21, 2010

A few of Abigail's favorite things.

As we rapidly approach the two year old mark, our sweet little girl is developing her list of things that are her favorite. She is an EASY and compliant toddler. Seriously. Potty trained at 20-1/2 months, has started waking up dry from nap and bedtime most days, and moved to a big girl bed at 22 months without one issue. She just is a breeze. She does a (mostly) great job obeying. She isn't a picky eater. She would sit on the couch with us reading books to her almost all day. She loves going "nigh nigh" and has never fought it. However like most two year olds, she knows what she likes. And although she isn't much of a fit thrower if she doesn't get it, her joyful giggle when she has any of these things lets you know they are her favorite. So in no particular order:

1. Papa. And who can blame her look at that handsome guy. But really she is her papa's girl. When she sees him walking up after work she screeches in delight and knocks on the door until he opens it.

2. Little Bear. A sweet fun little show that she calls "bara bear" and ask for by signing bear.

3. Blue's Clues. Her favorite character is mailbox. And she loves to sing the blue's clues song.

4. Lambie. She got him for her first Easter from grandma and grandpa in Muncie. He was the same size as her then, and she instantly fell in love. She sleeps with him, he goes potty, he walks, walks, and is starting to be drug around a bit more. And look at that big soft fuzzy guy, how could you not be in love with him. He also goes hand in hand with two of her other favorites, her "gigirl bed" and her thumbie (which finds it's way to her mouth when she's holding the soft guy).

5. Popcorn. She calls it "cacorn" and does the sign for it as of my favorite signs...and then says "pop, pop, pop."
So I don't have great pictures for the rest, but a few others are french fries; she doesn't care if they are from McDonald's or if I cut up a potato and bake it. Water; she loves to take baths, swim, and drink it (it's the only things she will drink aside from milk). And last but not least, books. She loves to "weeeeed pea." My day is spent reading the same books over and over. Her most favorite right now is "Good Night Beach" a book grandma and grandpa Mann got for her on vacation. But really she loves Sandra Boynton, and her books with colors and shapes; any book will due. As long as she can snuggle up next to you on the couch and "weeee."
And our favorite thing: Being the parent of such a fabulous toddler.
Enjoying our favorite thing as she enjoys hers,

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