Thursday, December 9, 2010

On beads and things.

I know I did a post before about doing Abigail's hair. It is something I love. I often find myself feeling grateful and proud at the same time for the amount of time and effort I put into learning about her hair.
Today though as I sat and braided and beaded for probably close to five hours I couldn't believe how long my little girl's hair had gotten. So I decided to post some pictures from over the last couple of years to remind me of the progress and to show you how beautiful she always has been. :) Enjoy!
Abigail at one day old. The tube is an NG tube, it wasn't in long. But I already had a bow in her hair. Her birth mother thought it was hilarious that I was already loving it.
Abigail at a few weeks old with two bows in her hair; pigtails if you will. She is also showing us her early favor of that right thumby!
Abigail at a few months old. I always thought those headbands things were silly and I wouldn't put them in my kids hair. One of my friends and I joked about it. And then I put one in and it looked SO stinking cute on her (my friend said she was the only baby she had seen who could pull it off)!
Abigail's first set of beads around her first birthday. The top of her head was about the only place where she hadn't lost most of her hair. But it grew back quickly.
And tonight before bed, she was laughing really hard as she fell back on the couch and made all of her beads "click clack."
Enjoy the progression of her hair, and her beauty. :)


  1. She is gorgeous. From birth today and forever.

  2. she is so adorable! and I love her beads (: