Friday, July 2, 2010


We really just feel so blessed. Not necessarily deserving, but blessed none the less. Another clear MRI! We found out yesterday, but have been running around a lot so I am just now sitting down to write.
I don't think it could have been a better day. Not too long after we got up we got the phone call from the doctors office to let us know results. It was one of those times that when the caller I.D. lit up I thought I might puke. Jason and I both felt really anxious about this one; mostly because results took longer than either of the others have. None the less she does not have hydrocephalus and there were no tumors.
I called Jason as soon as I hung up to rejoice with him over the phone. And for the first time in our six years of marriage he told me he could come home and eat lunch with us. It has NEVER happened before. So Abigail and I made some chocolate chip cookies together. And by together I mean Abigail got flour on her table and on the floor at which point she sat and played in it and then licked her hands. I also gave her a bowl with flour and water mixed so she could "tir" while I finished the cookies. It was all over her, her clothes, the table, and the floor. It was also totally worth it. I didn't take any pictures because I was trying to get cookies and lunch done in time for Jason to come eat with us.
Then while Jason was still at home with us, our anniversary present arrived from the U.P.S. man. We agreed on a joint gift of a waffle cone maker. So after Abigail went to bed last night we made waffle cones and ate ice cream out side on the steps. It was just a day with fun, laughter, and rejoicing.
Just so I'm being totally honest we aren't really "out of the woods" as far as figuring out some more stuff. We see her neurologist again in a week and a half so they can measure her head against their records. They did tell us she has scaphocephaly (elongated head) which is commonly seen in children born premature, or who have had their soft spots close early. She has had neither of these (that we know of). It doesn't seem to be an issue form the information I have read, but interesting to know I guess. He also wants to talk about referring her to a developmental pediatrician to watch (and maybe figure out) some of the odd growth patterns she has had, and is having. But once again, that being weighed against the "could've beens" is just small potatoes.
I was thinking today though about this hope that I always hold out for. I always think, well this will be the end of appointments for a few weeks, or until next month, or whatever. And it never is. We have had some small breaks here and there, but we have gone from one appointment at the end of July to three as of right now. In my head I keep telling myself that after that we will have one in August and then a break. But the reality of it all is, we have a daughter with multiple special medical needs. We see lots of doctors. We go to lots of appointments. Our lives may always consist of this. Perhaps some day I will accept it; perhaps I will always hold out the hope that things will slow down. Either way we are going to continue to enjoy life and each day we have with our goofy little bug.


  1. OH!! So happy for the good results!!What a blessing!! What incredible relief you must be feeling right now!
    And Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a yummy gift choice.

  2. Glad that you got good results. waiting for those results is so hard.