Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The perfect combination.

I know that every parent believes their child is special. So once again be forewarned that this post is about how special Abigail is, how cute, how wonderful, and how much we love her. If those things make you roll your eyes, or gag a little; then skip this one. :)

First of all we will start with the title. This mama is not a girly girl. I am more of what might be deemed "practical." I like to do domestic type things, but throw me in a room with a bunch of giggling women at a shower of some sort and I am ready to claw my way out. I don't know how I ended up this way. I grew up in a household with one male (my father) and there were four females. My mom and sisters are all the more girly type with their nail polish and stylish sandals. I'm okay with being me...I just wasn't quite expecting the girly factor from my daughter.
You see Abigail is about 98% girl, and 2% tomboy. She loves to wear her tutu; she also loves to tell her papa that her poop went plop plop. She always wants to hug and kiss her stuffed animals. She loves to take lambie potty and clap and praise him for using the big potty. She just has that girly nurturing side that has come out strong already. And although my girliness is limited; I want to indulge Abigail. I want her to be okay with who she is because her combination of girly and tomboy is perfect for her, and us.
This morning we spent at the fairgrounds walking through the barns and looking at animals. She thought it was hilarious that the cow stuck his tongue out at us. In the chicken barn one of the girls let her pet the chicken which she gingerly gave a little hug...and smooched him on the beak. Then on to the pigs who grunting face she kept trying to mimic. And lastly the sheep. We couldn't stay for too long after she realized they had some of their cedar bedding stuck to them. Much like her reaction to dirty shoes she just kept saying "uh oh" and I knew we had to get out of their before her little heart broke for the sheep who weren't clean. And as I put her in the car I couldn't help but smile at just how great it was that both side of her can come out so easily. She is both extremely compassionate and ridiculously silly.
I can't help but continue to think ahead at what God has in store for this little girl. As I watch her on Sunday mornings dance to the music and lift her hands I feel so proud of who this little girl is already. And yes some of it is the shaping that Jason and I have done. But I think a lot of who she is, is who God has made her. I remember praying one afternoon while we were waiting on a baby and God telling me that Abigail would be her father's joy, but that she would be His joy.
And despite the fact that these last three days have been filled with two year old moments (and an exasperated mama) I know when I see her loving, laughing, helping, and playing that the joy she brings me can't even compare to the joy she brings to God. And for this reason I will continue to try to nurture what God has put in her to be.

All right, this last little section is our big girl in her "gigirl" bed. She LOVES it. So far we have not had one incident of her getting out of bed...she calls for mama I go up and she says down please. We weren't extremely worried because she always seems to transition easily. But she has done better than I could have ever imagined. So without further ado, Abigail's bed (we took the legs off the bottom until she gets used to it so she wasn't too far off the floor yet).

Climbing in bed all by herself.

She loves her pillow, and lambie, and monkey, and baby, and blankets. :)

All snuggled in.

Thumbie in mouth and ready to sleep.
I'm off to maybe take a little nap myself...this toddler business wears a mama out! :)

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