Friday, July 16, 2010

As promised...

...some fun stuff from the last few weeks.

This first series is Abigail's first ice cream cone. We got a waffle cone maker for our anniversary (we LOVE ice cream) and made a miniature one for Abigail. As you can tell she really enjoyed it, and made a wonderful sticky mess. After it started dripping on her she had a hard time focusing on eating because she kept saying "uh oh." However true to being part of our family she ate every last bite of her ice cream...and looked really cute doing it.

These few are from the block party our church along with a sister church host every year. Everything is free, barbecue, snow cones, cotton candy, music, dunk tank, basketball tournament, cake walk, and all sorts of blow up game items. Everyone has a blast. This was Abigail's first cotton candy, first time in a blow up item, and second time playing in a fire truck. Although you can't tell it here, it has a great turn out every year, and has always been a safe, and fun summertime activity. Also a shout out to the awesome shirts that my creative and talented husband designed.

And last but not least was Abigail and I taking advantage of the rain last night to cool off after a very hot and humid day with no a/c. She enjoyed being in the rain and splashing in the puddle...until she looked down and realized her shoes were dirty. That's right, Abigail is a girl all the way through. I would like to say this was a one time event, but a few weeks ago we went out after Jason had mowed and she was having fun until she looked down and saw the grass stuck to her shoes...and which point she just began to sob. We tried playing barefoot in the rain as well, but that just left us with dirty feet that was nearly as tragic. Oh our girl.

Hope you laughed at the sad face as much as we tried not to. :)
Enjoying our weekend,


  1. Oh what beautiful pictures! But such a tragic end to the happy splashing!! The drama!!!

    I did laugh, Abigail was too cute!

  2. Oh my! I laughed at that video! What a sweet, dramatic, girly girl! And this non girly mom loves her girly girl too! Danny reminds me its what I get for fervently praying for a girl! :)