Friday, July 30, 2010

Things are changing...

...and with those changes has come learning to work through new things. First of all Abigail has been wearing her de-rotation straps a lot. I remember being nervous when she got her AFO's that people might say something. Very few people even noticed them. We have gotten a few question about her glasses here and there. But for the most part nobody seems to notice anything. But the straps are noticeable.
So I braced myself, and took Abigail to the fair in them. There was staring. But no comments. I took her to her Riley (children's hospital) appointment in them. More staring. A nurse came over after I had repeatedly told Abigail that I was not going to carry her, but I would hold her hand, and bent down and told her that she would go get her a wagon to ride in. I politely told the nurse she needed to walk while in my head calling her names and thinking about all the things I would have like to told her. I know that the straps make her tired faster, and probably cause her body to ache, but it's still good for her...and much better than some of the alternatives we may have to look at. I don't actually enjoy the situation either.
And then we went to the farmer's market in them. I was sort of eased in nicely with the first two trips, and this one was the full fledged questions of what's wrong with her, and why does she have those things on her. I think I did well. I'm pretty sure I answered kindly and didn't make a face showing everyone that their questions were getting to be a bit too much. After we got our treats we went and sat down in a safe spot. We rested our bodies, ate cookies, and avoided the people who needed to know.
And we are adjusting. All of us. Monday we will get Abigail's official straps that were made for her, and a shoe lift to even out leg length differences. We are ready and moving ahead. And as I have adjusted to that we have added more to the future appointments. We now have an appointment with a pediatric orthopedist. We have gotten the referral for the developmental pediatrician and are waiting for the call with the appointment. We are still waiting on the appointment call from the nutritionist, and will be setting up a weekly speech therapy appointment. Lots of new things coming up, and still my head is trying to take them all in. Trying to settle back in to feeling comfortable again. It's that feeling when you are startled awake by a noise and your heart is racing. You lie there trying to fall back to sleep, but unable to because although the rest of you has settled down, your heart is still racing.
However we have one new thing that we are all excited about. Okay, Abigail doesn't actually understand it yet, but she's excited about the things that have surrounded it. She carried her shoes through the store tonight repeating "shoes" over and over again (have we mentioned she is all girl). Our sweet little dancing bug will be starting ballet in a week. Tonight we did a family trip and purchased a leotard, tights, and ballet slippers. Abigail was SO excited. She wanted to hold all of them. We got home right at bedtime, so we didn't make the effort to try them on, but I wanted to. I am excited for this new opportunity for so many reasons. First of all ballet is supposed to be great for core muscle strength. And that is where most of Abigail's muscle tone issues lie. So it will be an added "physical therapy" session. Abigail LOVES to dance. She loves spinning, music, and being girly. So although it may take her a few classes to warm up around the other people, I think she will enjoy it. And lastly, who can resist a beautiful little girl in a tutu. I mean Abigail is already cute, but I can't think of anything more sweet than seeing her twirl in ballet slippers and feeling beautiful and wonderful. Can you tell than I'm a little excited. And just to be clear this is not my effort alone. Jason was fully part of picking things out tonight, and we had to choose a class time when he could come along and watch as well. Papa is still pretty enamored by this little face...

...and who wouldn't be. :)

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