Thursday, September 24, 2009

those things that bring us comfort

Abigail sucks her thumb. She does it when she is sleepy, or upset after a fall. She likes to hold onto a blanket as well although she doesn't have any specific one she is attached to. These are things that bring her comfort. I like to watch it. She will rub the blanket on her cheek and put her thumb in her mouth. If I'm holding her she will lay her head on my shoulder.

We have heard all of the warnings why thumb sucking is bad. However we came to the conclusion that nobody we know has gone to college sucking their thumb, nor has it been linked to an increase in illegal behavior. So we feel pretty safe with our decision. There has been research that children who have a comfort object or "lovey" are more compassionate and empathetic. I like it. Abigail already hugs everything (and I do mean everything); so apparently for all of you nay-sayers out there, we have caused our daughter to be more kind and caring.

As an adult it's not quite as normal to have an object of comfort. We often turn to favorite foods, television shows, or people. Although we have heard that children feel more secure in a home where the parents love each other it has been amazing to watch. I turn to Jason when I need comfort, and he turns to me. Either way anytime that Abigail sees us hugging each other, or snuggling on the couch she will look at us, smile, and say awawawawawawaw. This is the same noise that she makes when she is giving someone or something love. She is comforted by the thing that also brings Jason and I comfort. This is truly phenomenon to me. Our God made us creatures that somehow know from a young age that our parents are supposed to display affection with each other. Freud might have been wrong in all of his theories. Abigail is not trying to compete. She is comforted by our love for each other.

We love family life,

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  1. I go to my husband for comfort too... but my stuffed elephant is also really nice to have around. (: