Tuesday, September 29, 2009

righteous anger

It's been a long day. Abigail started running a fever last Wendesday. It seemed to be low enough to accompany teething or be a result of shots she had gotten. She never got any other symptoms so I never got worried. Then on Sunday afternoon she woke up from nap with a temperature of nearly 104. It has never been this high so we decided to take her to the walk in pediatric clinic. That is something I will regret for quite some time.

I know these clinics see tons of people over silly things when they were designed for urgent care needs when the doctors office is closed. However my daughter having a high fever with NO other symptoms seems just enough off that it needed immediate attention. The doctor started her exam, someone opened the door she walked out and called back "I'll be back." After a minute she came back and finished. They did a flu swab, and put a catheder in to see if she had an urinary tract infection. I asked for a strep test when the others came back negative. Abigail was a traumatized mess when we left.

So Tuesday morning (today) she still has a fever. I take her to our doctor. She has an ear infection. The doctor from the clinic missed it because this is the part of the exam she left during. So at our doctors office for the first time ever she is screaming and clinging to me because of the events from Sundays exam. I am pissed beyond words. Had the doctor done her job Abigail would not have had to have any of the test.

Before the end of the year we have six more doctors visits. Those are only the scheduled ones if she doesn't get sick again...and now she's afraid of doctors offices. Fantastic. I am praying that she will quickly forget the horrible experience so that I don't hold a screaming baby who's trying to climb up me every time we are at the doctor. Usually doctor visits feel scary and stressful enough to me without adding trying to calm a one year old.

We are grateful for our amazing doctor, but every time I have a bad experience I am made even more grateful. We love our family doctor, and appreciate how much she cares about us and our baby bug. Hopefully as Abigail gets older we will continue to find doctors, who take care of each of her needs, that are great. We so far have found a great family doctor and e.n.t. Now for dentist (I've heard great things about the one she is going to), audiologist, pediatric neurologist and ophthalmologist. Then possibly a geneticist and oncologist. Here's hoping to a forgetful little girl and meeting some more great doctors.


  1. andrea-
    i had an experience like that also - emily got sick and we took her to the walk in clinic where they said it was just the flu and we should keep her hydrated and give her tylenol - by that night she was vomiting and her fever was about 104 also, had to take her to the er where they had to give her tylenol and other meds all analy. all bc the dr didnt catch that she also had an ear infection with the flu. i was in hysterics trying to hold down my 2 year old as they were inserting the meds. needless to say i cursed their sperm donor for making me responsible for all of the hard stuff where he got to see them when ever he wants and they saw him as an idol. i also switched doctors for emily and prayed i didnt knock the nurse out that was doing it (even though she was super nice and tried so hard to be gentle but with what they were doing is that even possible??) the worst part was i was in hysterics still after emily had calmed down and she touched my face and said its ok mommy dont cry, which of course made me cry harder. she honestly doesnt remember that anymore and she is 6, so hopefully the same will go for abby. i love you drea and i know you and jason are amazing parents and your daughter will love and admire you always. trust me when i say that the fits will pass and she will be ok again at the dr soon enough. :)

  2. Just give her a sucker when you walk into the doctors office or bring a bag of mini M&M's. Give her one every time the doctor gets near her or does something to her. I'm against sugaring a child up in this manner, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do...and the only thing that's important is that she's happy.

  3. clearness....thinking I might ask the doctor to give her blueberries...her favorite thing ever...thanks for the suggestion...we need her to like the doctors!