Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Bug...

Abigail before her the shirt mama made...

It's official...Abigail is one today! We had her family party Saturday. It was great to have everyone here to celebrate, and we were thankful for the toys, books, and clothes she got. She is enjoying all of the new items as well. It was also nice for our families who both live at least a few hours away each to see some of her new talents, and to be with her in a familiar setting. She was very much herself for the party. She is often a bit shy around people, but thankfully being at home helped that to not be an issue.

Abigail eating her cupcake...she prefered the blueberries though!

Abigail opening presents...with a bag on her head...silly papa!
We celebrated today by giving her a book we made on picaboo called "Family Ever After" which is Abigail's adoption story with our pictures in it. We are excited about it, and it is really good quality so it will last the rest of her life! We also had ice cream with friends at the local place called Sally's. That was nice too because they were all people who waited with us for Abigail...some for the three years, and some just for the last part. So overall it was a pretty great birthday, and she is sleeping soundly now!! This post will mostly just be lots of pictures....enjoy!

Abigail and mama reading her adoption story book after she opened it...

Parents of a one year old,

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