Monday, August 12, 2013

first day.

awesome first day outfit and smile.

working on math.

plenty of time to play with her sister.

and cook herself something yummy.

reading book.


i must admit, i have been super nervous to see what our home school days would look like.  i'm certain that day one is not a good indicator of what every day will look like.  i'm also certain that we have made the best choice for our big.  she has lots of energy.  we had plenty of time to take breaks between subjects, eat lunch, play with her sister, and still get all of our work done.
i'm really excited to see what our year holds, and to watch my big learn all sorts of new things.  i'm also reminded just how much i love teaching my daughter.

*disclaimer* we did more than just math and reading.  that was all i took pictures of.

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  1. That looks like a great first day - and a good decision for your family. :) Love that the girls get to play together during the school day!