Saturday, November 10, 2012

one year.

in the past year, our lives have changed. a lot.  a lot, a lot.  there has been great.  there has been good.  there has been bad.  there has been horrible.  it has, by far, been the fastest, and longest year, of our lives.
and the thing that has brought about these changes.  this great and horrible.  is one sweet little.

shilo jendaya.  born on november 11th, 2011 (11/11/11 for those who get excited about those sort of things).  her name means 'God's gift' and 'thankful.'  she has embodied both of those well.
a quick recap of her first year of life medically speaking: two heart surgeries, one surgery to place a g-tube and ear tubes, two codes, 120 days in the hospital (96 consecutive, and the others were broken up), nine weeks intubated, 11 weeks five days in the picu, and five e.r. visits.
that list seems overwhelming to read.  but it doesn't include the other things in our lives from this past year.  one big sister madly in love with her little sister.
one papa becoming completely smitten, for the second time, with a very tiny little girl.
and one mama's heart, being filled beyond capacity, with the love for another little.
the last year of our lives have stretched our family, making it stronger than we knew it could be.  it was a hard year.  i don't want to do it again.  but, i'd do it all over again for moments like. these.
everyone who came to shilo's adoption finalization!!
snuggling with my two girlies
papa and shilo catching a few winks together.
our celebration photo when shilo was extubated nine weeks and one day after being intubated.
sisters having some skin to skin time.
big beautiful eyes, smiling at mama for the first time since being home.
matching pajamas (and possibly some fear of being dropped.....
oh, those smiles.
seriously, her smile gets bigger, and more beautiful each time, it seems.
her, 'i rocked ohs six months ago today, and look at my scar' picture from october 23.
snoozing on mama.  oh, to hold a sleeping baby, it's like heaven.

and now, the little girl who has taken us for the ride of our lives is one.  it's hard to believe.  it feels much faster than it did with abigail.  happy birthday sweet little.  our lives are so blessed because you are in our family.

and with that, all were done with my picture taking, and ready for bed.


  1. Love! Love! Love!

    I can't believe she's 1. It seems like it flew by.

  2. She is gorgeous and I LOVE her birth date!!

  3. That pic on the stairs is hilar (:

    Happy first birthday, Shilo!