Monday, November 5, 2012

little house.

for the past little while (probably nine months) i have been reading chapter books to abigail at night time.      
 it is one of my favorite times of day.
 we both lie in her bed, and i read words that weave into stories and pictures for her.
she giggles.
and i try to soak in every second of her being four.
shilo is done at seven p.m. every night.  we lay her down, she goes to sleep (but not before pulling her oxygen off that she is still supposed to wear at night). we don't hear from her again until around eight a.m.  no book reading for her.  yet.

thank heaven, for little girls.


  1. Loved that 'giggle' picture!! Your girls are beautiful.

  2. yay for babies that sleep through the night. boo for them pulling out their oxygen.

    and you _know_ I love abigail's sleep cap.