Monday, November 26, 2012

monday, monday....

just to help set the tone for what i felt like today, for some ridiculously absurd reason, abigail woke up at 2:30 this morning, and asked if she could get up.  every ten minutes.  for two hours.  i am not a kind person when my sleep is lacking.  and when abigail doesn't get enough sleep, she is higher energy than normal off the walls sort of behavior.  so exercising kindness and patience with anyone today was a stretch.
add to that, that mondays are often our ridiculous day.  therapy in the morning.  either our deaf role model or parent advisor in the afternoon.  and ballet.  by the end of monday i am done.  so adding in a horrible night of sleep compounds that to making today a less than stellar day.
now, i'm certain that some day, i'll look back and laugh.  probably a day when i've had more sleep.  but a lunch time mishap was all it took to have me throw in the towel.  actually, there were multiple towels involved.
shilo is on a completely blenderized diet.  it's glorious.  i spend time either measuring out, or adding things in, to whatever we are eating, blend it with some sort of liquid, and voila.  an awesome meal that can be pushed through a g-tube.  lunch time was no different.
sometimes, if whatever i have made is thicker, or has some chunks, i'll have trouble getting things to go through.  i've quickly learned the tricks for this.  and while todays didn't seem too thick, i kept having trouble getting it to push through easily (i will likely end up with massive forearms that look extremely freakish compared to my not so muscular physique).  so i did my go to trick of pulling it back.  once you can get it to pull back, you can often get it to push back forward just fine.
one push forward, and somehow, the syringe became dislodged from the extension tubing (that hooks to shilo's button).  blenderized food, literally, exploded in my eyes.  i physically was unable to open my eyes.  i was trying.  not happening.  shilo is crying because she has food on her as well.  and abigail is telling me not to do that ever again.
i sit for a few seconds dumbfounded  and temporarily blinded.  when i realize sight is not being restored, i drop down and crawl/feel my way to the kitchen where i flush my eyes continually for a few minutes.  when i'm able to open them slightly, abigail is standing there staring at me.  'sorry you got food in your eyes mama.'
i send jason a text to tell him that i'm done for the day and he should come home.  his response (paraphrased), 'you'll have to take both girls with you to ballet, i'm going to be pretty late tonight.'
so i bathe shilo, put both girls down for a nap, clean our dining room from the explosion, and then bathe myself.  i have just enough time to sit down for a few minutes before our parent advisor should be arriving.
when i shared this story with jason, he laughed.  so i'm pretty sure it's funny.  he also told me there is a syringe that often slips for some reason, and that he has had trouble with it.  always good to know those sort of things.  oh, and he definitely got home late.  like three hours late.

moral of the story:  mondays suck.


  1. Cookie binges help with that sort of thing. I wonder if Shilo can cookie binge with a blenderized diet?

    1. shilo can. it's a little harder without gluten though. ;)

  2. Hey Andrea! Winston and I totally sympathize. Gads! What a day! Tried coconut milk and he has a tummy ache and is puking...lovely. Hang in there, tomorrow is another day. Is that comforting? Tamah