Friday, September 21, 2012


we do a lot of musical stuff at our house.  singing, playing instruments, and just breaking it down to the good morning song a few hundred times a day.  we have been, and are learning to incorporate shilo so that she can feel the music.  laying her on the floor to feel the subwoofer, sitting her on the piano (with jason holding on to her) while i play, or even letting her hands explore the keys to feel the vibrations.
she was super fussy tonight while we were going through bedtime routine, getting meds, and feed ready, and doing her nebulizer.  i tried signing to her, talking to her, patting her, rocking her, she just was fussy.  and then it occured to me that she could feel me talk.  the talking didn't seem to help much, so i tried singing.  it was a beautiful discovery.

i make no claims of being good at singing, singing on key, or even in the right key.  but it seems to work like magic for my little.  also, the video could only be 30 seconds (our computer won't let us edit it for some reason and we had like fifteen minutes worth of video...i can't do that to you) but you can still see how quickly it works.


  1. Wow, that is amazing. Shilo is so lucky to have you for parents. Keep up the great work!

  2. Just goes to show that a mother's love always finds a way to fix it, to comfort. Leave it to mama :)

  3. Being deaf doesn't mean that you can't "hear" music! I'm so glad that you know that and give her the chance to experience music and all the wonder it brings to the world.

    Great job!