Saturday, September 8, 2012

photos galore.

a new favorite of our little.
abigail and grandma brenda.

happy to be 4.

shilo and grandpa eric.

grandma, grandpa, and our two girlies.

sleeping in her high chair (abigail insisted she wear the barrette).

mauling her sister.

and again.

watching abigail (and i'm pretty sure she's thinking, please stop laying on me).

abigail likes to show us what she calles her 'crazy eyes.'

hooray, papa got a good one.

and another.

my ornery big.

smiling at mama.

wearing pigtails, i'm pretty certain this was her face to let me know how ridiculous i am.  get used to it shilo....


  1. They look amazing and how big is Shilo getting? Wow. That girl is growing!

  2. Great photos! Your girls are adorable!

  3. My goodness, those girls could not possibly be any more adorable!! I have two girls who are about the same age as yours. Isn't it just magical having a pair of sisters in the house, they make life wonderful.