Friday, December 16, 2011

serious stuff.

So here's the not too brief, not too long run down of life the last few days.  Wednesday night we hung out in the e.r. until about one in the morning.  We were admitted for dehydration, low temperature, lethargy, and decrease food intake.
Thursday afternoon was spent with an entourage of doctors making their way through our room.  We had found out that morning that Shilo's issues was hypothyroidism.  Super common in Ds.  However, Shilo's tsh numbers turned a few heads.  There's a little bit of variance in 'normal' but most labs accept anywhere between .35-5.2 for normal range. 
Some of the 'really high' numbers they normally see are around 400.  Shilo's tsh was 944.  It literally set a record.  Apparently little one was on the brink of multi-organ shutdown.  We are very glad that we made our way to the e.r. at Riley, and for fast acting doctors and nurses who seemed to understand the seriousness of things much better than I did (even if they didn't yet know about the crazy numbers).
We are off of oxygen, and i.v. fluids as of now, and she has taken three bottles and done really well.  She is still have some desating episodes, but I imagine that if we were at home we wouldn't even realize it was happening since her color is staying pretty good.  So when the machines start beeping, I don't freak too much ( I think this makes the nurses as uncomfortable as the parents who over react to everything).
So if things go well tonight, we should be able to go home tomorrow!  So keep praying for little miss to eat well, keep her o2 sats up, and have a great night!!!!


  1. Well that was a little freaky. You sound insanely calm:) Bless you!! I'd be one of those parents that the nurses would be praying would just go home! Tell miss Shilo Christmas is coming and to just behave and stay home!!
    Sending hugs and prayers to all!!!

  2. I was just thinking about O2 stats and heart rates because Joey is on the schedule for another operation and his O2 and heart rate tends to go bezerk when he comes out. Gak!

    Glad to hear your little Shilo is a fighter and might get to go home soon.

  3. My goodness! I would have heard those stats and had a full blown mommy panic attack! Good thing Shilo and Abigail have such a strong mama. I'm praying for your family. I sure hope you all can spend some time away from the hospital, away from the doctors and nurses (but, thank The Lord for them), I pray you all get some well deserved "snuggling at home" time :)