Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yeah, so I'm bragging.

I know I haven't been very consistent. And I'm certain that all of you are sitting at your computer hitting the refresh button in hopes that I'll write something about our lives. You aren't. Good, that takes some pressure off of me. It's nice out and I'd rather be outside anyway.
Buuuutttt....there are things going on here still even if I don't write as much. So I thought I would fill you in a little bit. The things I am going to fill you in on though are the two things that are the biggest to us, and that we are really proud of our sweet little bug for.
First of all we ditched the night night undies. A week ago Sunday we just said 'they're all gone.' She had been staying dry at night for a while, started having occasional accidents, we returned the night time undies, and the accidents went from occasional to never staying dry, not even at nap. So we decided to push her a little and see where it got us. Sunday night was the first night. She woke up wet. I stripped her bed, put her in new pajamas and she slept on the plastic mattress cover. We didn't scold, shame, or get upset. The natural consequence for wetting the bed is that lambie (her favorite stuffed animal) has to be washed, and so do the sheets. She seemed unfazed and slightly proud of the fact that she had peed the bed. I was feeling a little like I was in over my head, but had committed to attempting it for three weeks.

Nap time we stayed dry. Mama went shopping that night and came home with some cool character undies. If they get wet then we wear our boring undies. If the stay dry you get candy, a sticker, and to wear those cool undies. Five stickers gets a trip to the toy store. Ten more sticker gets a trip to the Indy Children's Museum.
Guess who hasn't had a single accident since that first night. Our little bug is quite the rock star. She apparently just needed a little incentive. So 11 days in we have gotten our toy as well as earned our 15th sticker (5 for the toy 10 more for the museum) this morning for a trip to Indy. I was all out prepared for three weeks of sheet washing daily, and possibly even a battle. HA! This girly proved me wrong in the best way possible.
Our second huge source of pride. Abigail is starting to read. She has known her letters and sounds for a little while. I wasn't hesitant to start the next step because she isn't even three yet. But she was very interested and showing all the signs of wanting to do more. So I jumped in having no idea how to teach a two year old to read, and we are starting to get it. She can do 'an' words and 'at' words. (So can, ban, fan, and so on). She is sounding them out and then putting it together to make a word. Take that all of you doctors who said that she has lots of 'strikes against her' and will likely struggle cognitively. Doesn't sound like much of a struggle to me!
Enjoy the video of Abigail reading...I know you can't see the words she is reading, but hopefully you can take my word that they are the right ones. :)

Proud of our rock star little bug,


  1. She's the best little rock star ever. She 'shocked it'. (Post somewhere on my blog about Isabella)