Sunday, May 15, 2011


What's going on you ask? Well mostly the same as the last post. We are spending time outside playing, planting our garden, weeding it, watering it, and walking around and peeking at everything to see if anything is popping out of the ground yet. We have been garage selling (one of our favorite Saturday and summertime activities). We have been reading lots of books, riding bikes, naming worms, and eating Popsicle's outside so they melt all over you.
Medically things are going okay here for now. Perhaps someone else will understand this story Wednesday morning my phone rang with a 'private caller' on the I.D. Some of Abigail's doctors show up as this so I answer. They are calling to remind me of an appointment Thursday morning. I start to panic because I don't think Abigail has an appointment Thursday morning. I asked who the appointment was with. She said the doctor's name and reminded me it was to remove my wisdom teeth. I am so used to every doctor's visit being for Abigail that it hadn't occurred to me that I had an appointment.
I did have my wisdom teeth removed (I was genetically blessed with only two anyway). Wasn't so bad. My right cheek is swollen and slightly green tinged like it's bruised, but I pull the look off well. And even if I don't you won't know because I won't be posting any pictures of it! The worst part thus far is living on soft foods that never make me feel very full.
The only other thing medically is that the return of warm weather has meant the return of Abigail's mysterious itchy blistered spots all over. And I can't seem to get her into the derm any sooner so we will likely be seeing the family doctor again tomorrow. I'm hoping they can biopsy a spot at this point so we can get some more answers. It is most likely they mast cell disorder that she most likely has that is causing it.

And as for some of the fun things of summer, Saturday garage selling. Aaaahhhhh! It's like a little slice of heaven to our family. We get up earlier than anyone should on a Saturday. Our first stop is McDonald's for large carbonated sugary beverages (and water for Abigail). The next stop is our local donut shop where we load up on some more sugary snacks and then drive to our favorite neighborhood sale. They do it twice a year and we always find some sort of awesome bargain there on something we have been wanting/needing. Saturday was no different. Jason's excitement was the weight set that was only $25. (Jason just read that paragraph and reminded me he is also excited about the jell-o egg molds he found that had designs on them.) Abigail's favorite was the kid's tool set she to picked out for $1 keeping her nighttime undies dry the night before. My favorite (and something I've been watching for, for a while) was the plastic drawers to organize all of Abigail's kitchen play stuff. I got them for free! So I was the winner of best deal. ;)

So that's our life in a nutshell. We are busy playing outside a lot so I may not write as much. Right now I am taking advantage of the rainy afternoon to relax, drink some tea, and update all of you.

Enjoying some down time,


  1. Yea for the free organizer drawers! Glad to hear things are going well and hopefully your wisdom teeth spots are doing great soon!

  2. Stephan always gets inexplicable itchies in the spring, too.