Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Mondays are already my least favorite day of the week (I imagine that is true for most people). Jason goes back to work and I count down the days until the weekend when we will get to spend all day together again. But yesterday was a particularly yucky Monday.
We had to be to Riley by 9 a.m. This meant I had to get up early, and leave my house by sevenm as well as deal with rush hour traffic. On the way to Riley Abigail got carsick. I hadn't brought extra clothes. So we get there, I wipe her down best I can and we go to the appointment (smelling like vomit).
The doctor comes in and talks to me. She has officially diagnoses her with mastocytosis. I ask lots of questions, but in the end all that came of the appointment was the fact that she has it. There was no follow up as to what I should be doing, where to go from here, and the doctor said she didn't need to see us back.
So I left feeling a bit disheartened that she truly has masto, and frustrated beyond belief that I still don't have any answers, and don't know what to do or where to go from here. I have read and reread the two website available for masto and can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that she doesn't at very least need someone following her masto and a simple blood test to check if there is anything systemic.

I was hoping that the 20 groupon I got for Old Navy for free would make my day feel better. We stopped on the way home and bought a couple of things and then went to lunch. Abigail still smelled like puke, I was tired and exasperated, and was doing my best to redeem the day.
Instead we are sitting outside eating lunch together. Abigail is not eating a lot (which is very typical when we eat somewhere other than home) and is talking about the cars, the people, the noises, the cookie she wants after she eats her food, and on and on. I was interjecting reminders to eat her lunch every so often and she would take a bite and go back to whatever she was talking about. It seemed like a typical two year old Mama and daughter lunch to me.
But, apparently the lady sitting behind me did not approve. After she finished eating she came over and said, 'She doesn't like to eat does she? But she sure does like to talk a lot. I have two great grandchildren who are 1-1/2 and 3. They eat really well. They really love macaroni and cheese. Their parents give it to them all the time. Didn't they have macaroni and cheese in their? I know I saw it on the menu. Maybe if you had gotten her macaroni and cheese she would have eaten.'
Yes, that's right. I chose a healthier alternative to mac-n-cheese for my kiddo who doesn't love it anyway and was chastised for it. The only responses I could think of at the moment contained explicit language due to my state of already being tired and frustrated. And if she had stayed around a little longer she would have seen her finish her lunch while still happily chattering away about life.

Today is Tuesday though, and I'm determined for it to be a much better day! Because a day like yesterday has to be followed with something better!!


  1. I would have an easy out on that one because Joey hates all types of noodles.

    I didn't get the Old Navy coupon but wish I had.

  2. What a Nosy Parker! Sorry you had to deal with that, on top of everything else.