Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just pictures

Abigail rocking her baby.

Abigail smiling for the camera in her cute glasses.

Abigail and Papa building a snowman.

Abigail in some "baby legs" that I made.

Abigail's girly side is coming she is carrying a purse.

Abigail "escaped" after bath and was giggling naked running through the house.

Abigail spent 30 minutes in a diaper painting one night. It was bath worthy, but fun!

Abigail both says and signs cheese when we take her picture.

Abigail's Papa has some pretty big shoes to fill...which she likes to try!

We are wondering if this is indicative of a future career?

I thought I would do an entry with some pictures of out beautiful little girl! Enjoy! Hope you all have a wonderful first week of March.

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