Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here it is...

I've been waiting to post so I could add a picture at least. Last Wednesday we went to the ophthalmologist. It was one of the best doctor appointments we have had in quite some time. It went quickly, but we were not rushed. The doctor was friendly. The med student who kept calling Abigail "Abby" last time, and getting frustrated that she wouldn't respond, wasn't there. They found nothing on her optic nerves! So nothing new with the NF at this point. Great news. No puking in the car (thank you so much benadryl). We were home in time for Abigail to take a normal afternoon nap! Truly as for as appointments go the day could not have gone better.
I've been waiting though so you could all see this picture.

That's right. Our already incredibly cute little girl now added glasses to her look making her even cuter. :) I may be slightly biased. However she does look really sweet in these. She seems to like them (although it's still day one). I wondered how much it would change things for her since she has always had bad eye sight. So after she had them on for a few minutes she look down at the floor and started backing up and getting nervous. Apparently she has never seen the floor correctly and it was making her feel scared. It took her a while to get her to walk on it again. However she was giggling while she looked out the window. It makes me wonder how many things she couldn't really see before. I remember getting glasses and how surprised I was that things were not supposed to be big blurry blobs.

So other than the glasses we are doing pretty well here. Abigail is fighting of bronchitis with another antibiotic and oral steroid. But it is the season of illness, and it's coming close the the end. Hopefully I will be able to get some more pictures of her in her glasses up soon. She is still in her pajamas in that picture because we had to do a couple breathing treatments throughout the night so mama and Abigail are extra tired today.

Enjoying our little bug,

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  1. Aww she looks like a lil Diva with those on! WAYYY TOO cute.