Thursday, November 12, 2009

MRI results

How we all feel right now!

The call came early yesterday. The MRI was normal. I literally could have ran laps outside screaming. I was so happy and relieved. I was on a high for an hour or more. I did eventually come back to reality and realize that this means there are still a few things going on we need to figure out. However the fact that whatever is going on is not being caused by a brain tumor is comforting.

So we are back to enjoying life with a toddler. Those who have nf or parents of those who have nf will tell you that though there is so much comfort in having an appointment where everything comes out okay, but there is still this part of your brain reminding you that the future could be different.

For today though, Abigail is fine. And that is all we can do is live, and be thankful for today. Tomorrow has enough worries of it's own. Today we are going to celebrate Jason's 30th birthday. It's nice to be celebrating without a cloud of fear, or horrible news hanging over our heads.

Celebrating life,