Tuesday, November 10, 2009


And the MRI is over. We don't know the results, but the actual test is done. I thought I would tell you about the day because I don't know how long results will take, and I don't know how soon after we find out we will want everyone to know. Everything is dependent on what is found out. So for tonight...we will focus solely on today.
Abigail got up at her normal time and we got ready. She didn't seem to notice that I skipped feeding her breakfast. She played and was happy as I finished up the morning. We left a little after nine. We didn't have to be there until 11:15, but I am still not a confident Indianapolis driver and this was my first solo Riley trip. She did great on the way down. She puked a bit, but since there wasn't much in her stomach there wasn't much to puke up. She feel asleep about fifteen minutes before the parking garage. I'll take it though.
So as I parked the car I confidently walked in the hospital knowing that I had faced my fear of driving to the parking garage...and conquered it. Didn't even have to turn around once!!
Our first stop...like most trips so far was to change out of pukey clothes. We are getting good at being prepared though. After that we walked to the main Riley building and looked at the water and all of the stuffed animals. Took the glass elevator up to the second floor and checked in at day surgery.
From there we went down to the MRI area and waited some more. It was around 12 or so and she was starting to sign eat but I just kept ignoring her and she didn't ever get upset. This is truly amazing to me. Abigail loves food, and tends to be persistent when she is hungry.
They came and got her and I got to stay until she was under. It was pretty hard and sad for me. She cried as they held the mask over her mouth. When she was asleep they moved the mask so I could kiss her goodbye. It was so sad she had little tears on her cheeks and I was supposed to leave her. I kissed her and walked out.
As I got to the waiting room I was fighting back sobbing. There were lots of other people there. I looked over and their were magazines laying there with their normal headlines. I truly thought how could anyone read this while their child is having an MRI. Maybe they do. None of the other parents that were waiting with me seemed to be interested in the latest Hollywood gossip.
After what felt like hours they came and got me. She did great and was pretty much herself again once we got food in her.

Over all the day went really well. We were at Riley for quite some time, but once again our baby bug proved to be her usual easy going self. I wonder if I will ever get used to all of the appointments and worrying. I wonder if at the end of these days my body won't be full of tension pain. Mostly though I still just wonder what our future holds.
Mostly though I feel like although we don't know yet what the results of today's scan will be I am thankful. I am thankful that we live in a place and time where we can get amazing health care for our daughter. I am thankful for medicaid and that they pay for our visits to the doctors and specialist. I am thankful that I have the physical and emotional strength to be there for our daughter.
I am most thankful that we have the opportunity to raise a wonderful little girl. No matter what has happened and what may come I would not trade a single day. If anything was different then we wouldn't have Abigail. She wouldn't be the joyful and funny girl that we love.

Oh and the night before she started walking so here's a little clip of that! Enjoy...we are.

Learning to be content in all circumstances,

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