Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Isn't she wonderful!

Once again our little one is on an antibiotic. This time it is for a uti. I am thankful they figured out what was causing the fever, and that she did not seem to be in a lot of pain from it. She had to have an ultrasound today to look at her kidneys. She did so well laying still in the dark room with goop on her belly. She is our little amazing girl. She just seems to take everything in stride. Although I wish her life were not such that she had to deal with so much, her personality makes it feel easier.

However I do still feel overwhelmed. I can't tell you the number of antibiotics she has been on. She has some sort of infection every two or three weeks on average. There have been a few longer spells with nothing, and they felt nice.

I remember her first time being sick. She was six weeks old and I had been around enough kids that I wasn't too worried about it. However she had a fever so someone told me I was supposed to take her in. They officially diagnosed her with congestion. Not very exciting.

I'm not sure if it's from knowing her better now, or worrying about things I never thought I would, but I tend to not wait as long to call the doctor. The few times I have had to take her to a walk in clinic or a different doctor they have thought me a silly mom because she usually acts fine. However, every time she has something; an ear infection, strep throat...the list goes on.

I am getting more used to the fact that she is sick a lot. Some kids are. I wonder why she is since she is home with me all the time, and rarely interacts with other children. None the less it is who she is.

However I think during every illness large or small I have the thought of how crazy it is that she has to deal with the normal childhood illnesses along with asthma and nf. Even her normal ones usually bring about two trips (at least) to the family doctor. She also had to have tubes put in her ears. That's one of those minor things that feels slightly major to parents. It was scary at the time. Now it feels like a small blip on the monitor of things she has dealt with.

Yesterday when the doctors office called to schedule her ultrasound the woman on the phone was letting me know that the technician may need my help holding her and that some kids are a little afraid during the procedure. I laughed out loud. She paused for a moment and I explained that she had an MRI of her brain last week, I was certain Abigail and I would be able to handle her ultrasound; and she did.

I think that was the moment it hit me though that this is truly what our life holds. I don't feel sorry for us, nor am I bitter. This is just what it is. We will see lots of doctors, have lots of procedures, and deal with each thing as it comes. As I stated in the beginning, our daughter being so amazing makes all of it much easier!

Thankful for a wonderful daughter,

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  1. Andrea,

    Your outlook on everything your family is going through is spiritually encouraging. Each time I read your blog, I am in awe of your strength in the Lord and positive outlook on life. Thank you for sharing it with the world...what a testimony to God.

    beth buehler.