Friday, November 29, 2013

eeg and more on that mri.

so last wednesday shilo had her mri, with less than stellar results.  and this week she had a 48 hour eeg.  we had been waiting on those results as well as the mri from a year ago to compare to in hopes of learning a little more about the changes in her brain.
our (awesome, amazing, above and beyond) neurologist came to see us wednesday before discharge, and took my husband's cell phone number (since we are visiting family) so that she could call us today, the day after thanksgiving, with results of everything.
while i had no hope of that before she said she would, since it was a holiday weekend, as a parent with tons of possibilities rolling around in my head, i was beyond grateful that she said she had already planned to go in on friday, and would make it a priority.
she called at noon today.  she had everything,  aside from the mri to compare it to. as i suspected, shilo had lots of short episodes during sleep.  this means we will increase her seizure meds again and see if she doesn't start sleeping a little better.  the thing i was unsure of, perhaps her seizures were coming from the temporal lobe now, instead of the frontal lobe where it has always showed before.  but, the seizures did not change location in her brain.
so that mri.  let me start with what we know (which isn't much).  shilo's mri showed bilateral temporal lobe stenosis (scarring) and atrophy.  both of these things are really common in geriatric patients with alzheimer's.  they are also not unheard of in patients (generally teen and older)  having temporal lobe seizures, although they are almost always unilateral in this case.  but, in a two year old, well, it's just not really found.
had she been having temporal lobe seizures, there was a high possibility that she would have been recommended for a temporal lobe lobectomy.  and i don't know that, that's completely off the table.  but at this point we still have to figure out what's causing it.
so please keep praying with us for answers, and that there would be no more changes.  brains are pretty important.  and your temporal lobe takes part in lots of functions.  the idea of her little personality changing in any way is very sad.  we really like her, just the way she is.

our sweet snuggle monkey.

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