Sunday, November 24, 2013

and, test.

so last weeks appointments are over.  abigail is now officially able to eat tree nuts and peanuts again.  matter of fact, we have nothing we have to worry about food wise.  it's weird, and i still carry the epi-pens with me.  someday i'm sure i'll be able to let go of that, but they have been a part of our 'leaving the house bag' for around four years now.

shilo's mri results were less than stellar.  we are still awaiting all the details that will be emerging over the next few weeks before we share anything big.  her neurologist is waiting on a copy of the films from her mri a year ago to compare.  she is also waiting on the results of the 48 hour eeg that will take place from tomorrow until wednesday.  while i am always hopeful they will capture something, this time it's of dire importance to figure out what to do about her abnormal mri.  so please, please, pray that they get good, clear information so we can know where to go from here.

i'll leave you with some pictures from abigail and i's date today so that she could have some mama time before i'm gone for a couple of days.  and a few of little being her silly self.

'papa, will you take a picture of our snuggles?'

snowman cookie.

drinking tea.

building with jenga blocks.

jenga blocks become props for 'little house on the prarie' play.

breaking up stir sticks for the ingalls to have a 'feast.'

'take a picture of me with the cabin we built.'

i love these hands.

'let's pretend to sleep, but don't close your eyes.'

'a perfect animated story telling face.  this was not posed.'

reading some comics.

reading a book she found.

'someone left their bookmarker in it.'

home, helping me ice our carrott cake.

how shilo helps in the kitchen.

we make tasty cream cheese icing.  also, check out the little one adoring the big in the background.

even this girl likes it.

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