Tuesday, November 19, 2013

a little night before poem.

'twas the night before appointments and all through the house, 
the parents could be seen, scurrying about
the clothes were all laid out for the morning ahead,
in hopes that they could all have a few extra minutes, to rest in bed.

the children were nestled early in their bed,
because early mornings make for grumpy heads.
papa was busy filling cars up with gas,
while mama made food to save them some cash.

papa was preparing to take big, one way,
an appointment that could make, for a great day.
a follow up from last week, nut challenge 2,
that could give us clearance to feed her cashew.

mama packing up medicine and food,
to take little in hopes of hearing something good.
her third mri, something we've gotten used to,
hours in a small room trying to entertain with peek-a-boo.

but alas, things were done, packed, ready to go,
parents went to bed, lights turned down low.
papa feel asleep, while mama laid there, alone
unable to dream, fear of the unknown.

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