Monday, October 29, 2012

transracial adoption.

a friend just posted this video on facebook.  i laughed.  but really.  i have heard most of these.  and generally, in front of my kids.  i know that most people are just curious, but think of it this way, how would you feel if i, a complete stranger, walked up, and asked you if your birth was vaginal or c-section?  did you tear at all?  right.  starts to make you super uncomfortable.  because, those are details you only share with the people you choose, and you don't expect to be asked about.  just because my children are adopted, does not mean that those social boundaries change.  so when in doubt, don't ask.  and for the love of everything holy, DO NOT touch a child's hair just because the texture is different than you are used to.  it's rude.

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  1. Just posted this on the fb page for my blog. thanks for sharing (: