Sunday, October 7, 2012

eating therapy.

in an attempt to get shilo interested in taking some food by mouth-instead of all by g-tube, we are (almost done) doing a three day, hunger inducing, food trying, therapy weekend.  it entails only giving shilo water during the day through her tube (so she's hungry, but not dehydrated), and then offering her food by mouth during the three day-times she would have gotten formula. (she still gets formula at night time).  it's pretty much as exciting as it sounds.
it has not been a success, it has not been a failure.  it is just a step in the direction of reducing shilo's dependence on a tube for eating.  she gags a lot.  and jason and i work hard to keep our faces upbeat and happy so the whole thing feels like a good experience for her.
today, at our noon feed (all we have left is the four o' clock and then we are done with the three days of fun) she actually took carrots, off of a spoon, multiple times, without gagging, retching  or vomiting.  in case this sounds not that exciting to you, it's a very big deal.  she doesn't tend to swallow much, more, just lets it sit in her mouth long enough to be complete liquid, then run back out of her mouth, but i *think* some of the carrots even made it into her belly.  even if the next feed goes back to crying at the sight of the spoon, we're going to call this a win.
and here is what shilo, abigail, and mama look like, after an hour long session of attempting to get (at most) 2 tablespoons of food into shilo.

i may fall asleep right here.

what?  i have something on my face?

pay attention to me.

okay, i'll climb on the furniture, that should get me some attention.

looking amazing, and holding it all together well.  

jason wasn't home for it, so you can question the validity of the last photo, but nobody is here to tell you otherwise.

and in all seriousness, we know that while the leg work may not be fun, but this is what it will take, and shilo will be eating like a champ some day!!!  until then, well, just don't drop by on one of those three day weekends....


  1. You are a funny lady.

    Seems like things called "therapy" should be warm and fuzzy-like, right?

  2. As the mum of a non-eater I can appreciate your 3 days of 'fun'. Congratulations on your carrot win!!