Friday, October 12, 2012

laughing. yelling. trying not to cry.

both of our daughters make us laugh. a lot.  shilo's funniness is less likely to be appreciated when shared on a blog.  things like me saying something out loud to her (even when she couldn't actually hear me) and her shaking her head no.  then all of us would erupt into a pile of giggles.   see, probably just not as funny to read about as it is to witness.

anyway, abigail has had some great little anecdotes lately.  some of them we must stifle our laughter, or i wait to laugh util i share it with jason.  but the girl is funny.  and on a day like today i need some funny.  because apparently, abigail's ears, arms, legs, and eyes are all malfunctioning today.  she is incapable of hearing my voice, following directions, going to get something, opening a drawer to look inside, and even if the drawer is open she can't see whatever she is looking for.  so as nap time nears, and my patience wears thinner, my voice gets closer to yelling with each passing infraction, and she does something ridiculous that sends me to the point of wanting to cry and i call my husband and ask him to pray that her ears would work and mama doesn't lose her..... she always does something funny.  always.  it's like she has the most impeccable timing for knowing when comic relief is the only thing that will keep mama from banishing her to her room.  so without further ado, here are a few of my favorites from the last little bit:

while laying on, hugging, and generally wallering all over shilo until she starts fussing (at which point i repeat for the hundredth time, 'shilo is crying.  what is she trying to tell you?'  'no sank you.'  'yes, so please get off of her.') abigail suddenly sits up, looks at shilo, and says, 'i love your g-tube.  where did you get it?'

on a night when jason was working late, and mama was feeling overwhelmed by a long day, abigail was playing with her car.  she pushes it into the room i'm in with shilo and proclaims, 'the mama and papa are riding in the front.  the kid is in the trunk.'

one of abigail's favorite foods is french toast (and she's really good at making it).  so i have found a loaf of gluten free cinnamon raisin bread that i use to make it with.  while eating it for dinner one night abigail took a bite, looked up and said, 'mama, what's in this bread?  razors?'

*first a disclaimer.  every time i see a picture on a commercial, magazine, etc. of a family happily gathering around the table for some scrumptious meal, i laugh.  out loud.  that doesn't happen.  ever. anywhere.*  in our house some meals are nice and abigail eats well, shilo sits in her seat and i only have to ask abigail to stop making her food talk to each other and eat it 50 times instead of 5000 a few times.  some days she messes around and i finally just banish her to her room until she is ready to eat.  on one such day she came back downstairs and said, 'mama, i'm sad because you hurt my feelings.'  'how did i hurt your feelings.' 'when i wasn't eating, and i was whining, you told me to go to my room.'  (if you are looking for a response to this sort of thing in your own home, mine is 'disobedience leads to painful things.')

we were getting ready to leave the house this week.  i had to run upstairs to grab something.  within a few seconds i heard abigails footsteps behind me.  she walked in my room and said, 'mama, i'm sorry.'  'for what baby?'  'i'm sorry for playing with shilo's hearing aid.'

yesterday i sent her to go potty and take off her glasses before nap time   she came out with her glasses still on.  i sent her back to take them off to which she replied, 'mama, could you not come in the bathroom with me please?' 'why abigail?  what did you do?'  'i was putting on chopstick (chapstick to the rest of us) and it fell off the top.'

and today has been just a rough day all around.  i made shilo's bottle and asked abigail to throw away the empty can of formula while i finished things up.  i came around the corner where the trash can was, and there she stood, LICKING the empty formula container.

hope this brings you all some laughs too.  at very least i will enjoy looking back over them myself someday!!!

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  1. Oh Abigail, you crack me up you little cutie :)