Sunday, June 10, 2012

what we have been up to.

let's start by being really honest.  i. am. exhausted.  not even the kind where getting a few more minutes of sleep, or squeezing in a nap would make me feel refreshed.  a very (very, extremely, highly) energetic three year old, an almost seven month old who's skill level is closer to one month (if i had to guess), middle of the night feedings, sleepwalking (by energetic girl), appointments, and a house that is somehow is incapable of cleaning itself, or at very least doing the laundry, and my days have me feeling ragged.  even with all that though, it's still SO much better to be at home.
shilo is still doing really well.  some of her meds are being decreased, and so we were able to drop the 5 a.m. feeding.  so papa and mama take turns getting up at 2, and getting a little bit more sleep at  night time.  the med decreases some days make for a very fussy girl, but overall she is content as could be.  and did i mention she sleeps well at night time?  lay her down at 8, give her a blankie, and within minutes of her rubbing her face with it she is out until 8 the next morning (she sleeps through us hooking her to her feeds).
abigail still prays multiple times a day, thanking Jesus that mama and shilo are home, and we are all a family.  she has enjoyed getting to just hang out at home most days, but also some fun daytime activities we have all done.  she is loving all over her sister, always wanting to hold her, and make certain none of her tubes are doing anything they shouldn't be. (oh so helpful).
since coming home shilo has gotten to enjoy her first trip to the local farmer's market, two concerts (one was a benefit concert for our family, more on that in a minute) a trip to the local garden's type place where we saw tadpoles, fish, frogs, turtles, and so many beautiful flowers and plants, and our daily walks through the neighborhood.
the benefit one was sort of a 'hey somebody wants to do this are you okay with it?' thing.  we were like sure.  and we thought for a while about what we would do with whatever we got.  we have decided to try to find some adaptive toys for shilo since she can't hear.  i never thought about it until she came along, but almost every baby toy out there attempts to get your attention by making a noise.  if you touch it, it rattles.  if you push a button it plays a song.  well, if you are deaf, this doesn't make one difference to you.  so you have to find other ways of 'rewarding' the touching of a button.  i have a friend who has a daughter who is both blind and deaf, and has been a great resource for how to go about getting things that would be beneficial to shilo.
and as for the concerts with a deaf little, she can feel the vibrations from the music.  the second concert was a symphony on the green at the local college.  we layed shilo on a blanket and she loved it (she cried when the music was over).  our family is one that greatly enjoys music.  it brought my heart much joy to know that shilo was enjoying the music as well.
our only bigger upcoming thing is that we will be going back for a 24-48 hour hospital stay for shilo to get a g-tube placed as well as ear tubes (they will also be doing a test during the stay to see if we could turn her o2 down or off).
so that's life as of now.  i'm so glad that it's summer and we can all be doing more outside.  we are planning a trip to the local (free) splashpark this week as well.  and for now, my house is a wreck, dishes need done, but i'm going to sit because both girls are napping at the same time, and i need a break. :) 
sassy pants eating popcorn with her papa

little hanging out on papa's lap

she thinks she needs to make faces every time i take a picture now.  but she  looked beautiful all dressed up for symphony on the green.

i kid you not, this is really what shilo's lip does when she is sad.

enjoying symphony on the green

the three girls in front of frog baby.


  1. Abigail looks amazingly cute. What gorgeous hair!!! I bet it took you forever to fix! Ans Shiloh looks like she's getting so much stronger. So much more color in her face and her eyes look more 'awake'. You look amazing too!

  2. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! So glad to see you all together, loving life and enjoying every wonderful blessing :)