Wednesday, June 27, 2012

don't be fooled by cuteness.

this chain of events unfolds multiple times everyday in our house.  i am still amazed and perplexed at my youngest daughter, and how exactly this happens.  shilo will be sitting on my lap, facing me.  i will be interacting with her and looking at her.  and all of a sudden i notice this.
perhaps you can't tell what's going on here.  shilo's nasal cannula is on top of her nose as opposed to in it.  her hands seem to have been at her side, clasping each other, or being chewed on the whole time.  i never once saw her touch her nose, or rub it.  her sister is contentedly playing in another room.  and all i can do is brace myself.  

my oldest daughter's life is a musical.  at the doctor's office today she sang (into a pencil) as we waited, 'the door is opeeeeeeeeeen.  sooooooon dr. neeeeeeeeeelyyyyyyyyyyy will come iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn the doooooooooor....'  it goes on from there.  this is our life.  singing, dancing, noise, chaos, energy.  however, i always know where she is, and what is going on.  she's singing it for pete's sake.  she's a smaller version of mary poppins.
but shilo.  well, she is apparently a ninja.  she has some sort of crazy fast reflex ability to get her oxygen out while i'm looking right at her, and without me noticing.  and to be quite frank, i'm scared.  because the combination of mary poppins and ninja fills my mind with a little girl singing and distracting while the super fast ninja loads up the cookies, and they skip away filling their bellies with sugar while i'm left oblivious to the supper spoiling loot that's being enjoyed.


  1. Hee hee hee and when you stumble upon them quietly giggly, faces filled with chocolate you will run to get the camera so you can capture the sweetness they will always share.

  2. And on that day, when the biggest thing you have to worry about is a sugar high and ruined appetites at dinner time, it will be a great day!! And we will all be thankful for it! :)