Thursday, June 21, 2012

our family motto.

here lately i feel myself saying or thinking the same phrase over and over again.  whether the question is how we are adjusting, how we are sleeping, how the house/yard look, or anything else.  the answer is 'we're trying.'
i'm trying to make certain to do as much as i can with shilo everyday to help her with all of her ifsp goals.
i'm trying to make certain i read to abigail, play with her, and just spend time with her everyday.
i'm trying to clean/pick-up the house everyday (if you want to see proof, come around 3:45 when children are napping, and i have finished everything).
i'm trying to take the time to plan and cook healthy meals for my family everyday.
i'm trying to spend time with my husband in the evenings.
i'm trying to weed the overgrown flower beds (from my time away from home).
i'm trying to get enough sleep (bahahahahahaha).

so that about sums us all up right now.  we are trying.  we are readjusting to what life looks like here, and a little girl who is starting to fall into a scheduled routine (praise the Lord).  i often remind myself how much pressure i am putting on myself to be doing everything, everyday.  and then i see abigail giggling as we play hot potato, and look around at the carpet that needs vacuumed, and the dishes that need done, and decide that laughter is way more important.  because, in reality, i'm a stay at home mama; not a housewife.  therefore i do what i can about the house, but my kiddos get priority.  so if you stop by, and think, 'oh my word that woman's house is a hot mess,' please step in and look further.  my kids are happy.  my husband and i enjoy each other, and our children.  and the toys can be picked up tomorrow.  plus, just try and remember, we are trying.


  1. Your babies are happy. Your hubby has a loving partner. You are functioning. Sounds like your doing a fantastic job at juggling it all! You are SUPERMOM :)