Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So it is possible that I have been in avoidance mode for writing an update on the girly. It's not because anything huge is going on. It's because the last few weeks have been mostly normal feeling. So I wanted to keep it that way. But I suppose I owe you a little news huh.
Abigail has had three sessions with the speech therapist. Every time she has gone on and on about how smart Abigail is. We obviously think so, but everywhere we go people are enamored by it. So apparently she is a smart two year old. It wasn't until this last session when Abigail talked quite a bit that she finally understood me when I said, "We aren't worried about her vocabulary. We are worried because she can't put words together." I was glad the therapist got to hear more words from her this week. It is an interesting thing to watch your child go from an off the chart vocabulary to struggling to put together all done. It took us about two weeks to go from all (20 second pause) done to her saying it together. And that is how it is with all two word phrases. You can see her trying, and it's like her brain has a disconnect that won't let her do it. And there are no two word phrases that she says on her own. Alas, we hope that speech is helpful.
Our only other real update is that we will be seeing the orthopedist tomorrow. I have no idea if they will do x-rays, testing, who knows what else. I just know we see him in the morning and I'm hopeful to get some answers as to why her back is hurting, and about three or four other things that have puzzled her neurologist and physical therapist.
I should be honest that the past few days have been surrounded by people around us having bad news. A motorcycle accident, cancer, heart issues in a 9 year old. It is starting to make me feel anxious that we are going to get bad news tomorrow too. I know it's silly, that's not really the way the world works. It's how I work though so you can be praying for me tomorrow as we make the trek to Indy.
I'll leave you with a short clip of Abigail's new dance move. Despite it's slight resemblance to a moon walk she has not been watching Michael Jackson. She came up with it all on her own. And ignore the beeping at the end. We have a temperamental smoke alarm that detects heat as well...and goes off every time we open the oven!

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  1. Soooo I'm not an SLP but the pause in putting the words together - apraxia? My daughter can't talk at all but she has full body apraxia and we are doing eye gaze for communication - I actually see her wanting to look at a card but her body won't allow her to look at it - it's heart breaking. Praying that they can find the source of her back pain, there is no worse torture than watching your child in pain. Blessings!!!