Monday, August 30, 2010


I don't know what to even say about all of this. So I will just go into it. Last week Abigail had another "episode" of pain. However after the last few, and having nothing definitive to explain it all, I decided to pay as much attention as I possibly could if she had another one. So I did. Instead of just holding her and praying, I took a deep breath and tried to watch her eyes, her body and take in what she was doing when it started, how long it lasted, and so on.
And much to my surprise there was more going on. Her legs were stiffening up and becoming limp just to stiffen up again (involuntarily). After that stopped I took a still crying, but less hysterical girly in her room and rocked her. Her legs then began to twitch for the next few minutes and she was exhausted. Granted it was nap time, but it was more of a can't keep my eyes open exhaustion.
And although she was conscious and interacting with me (shaking her head yes or no etc.) through the whole thing all I could think is "she looks like she is having a seizure in her legs."
So a phone call to the doctor, and another episode that night (for papa while mama was at a meeting) has left us knowing....nothing more!
The doctor said if the leg spasms happen again that we will do some testing. And if the pain continues we can start on meds for it. However Jason and I don't feel like that's (medicine) the best answer. The pain is not constant, and the episodes are so short (10-20minutes) that even if I gave her ibuprofen at the start it wouldn't have kicked in by the time it's over.
We have an appointment with the developmental pediatrician at the end of this month, and after I finish writing this I am going to call to try to move up her orthopedist appointment that is supposed to be in December.
So I write this to update a little, but to ask that you could all be praying for something definitive. It's not so much that I can' handle it when she is having these episodes, it is that there seems to be know rhyme or reason to why.
I will have a more update post in the next couple of days since our girly turns two this week. But for now we would love if you would all lift our sweet bug before the throne of God.

Always something,

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