Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Opthalmologist and things upcoming

Okay first of all I was totally "that momma" today. You know the prepared one with activities and snacks. The one who's kid is happily playing and coloring while the other kids are bored with the two toys available in the waiting room and ripping up magazines. In my defense this was our third time at this office, and I knew the drill. They call you, dilate the little girls eyes while she screams. We go back to the waiting room and I attempt to calm her down and make certain to not stare as the other children come out screaming. Sometime between 30-60 minutes they call you back again to do the eye exam. At this point the girly is somewhat terrified of the man who put stuff in her eyes earlier, and not excited to be back in a room with him.
So I went prepared. And then...they didn't have to dilate her eyes today. I can't begin to tell you the joy that brings to me. The appointment was simple her following some toy with her eyes and then watching some veggie tales while the doctor looked at her eyes.
And the results were no lisch nodules (which are an NF thing) and her prescription has not changed. So it was easy peasy! We left and ate McDonald's together for lunch, and then drove home. And of course the Nestle plant is on our drive home so we get to giggle together at the large bunny drinking "nu" (milk) through a straw. Never gets old. I also get to look in the rear view mirror to my not quite two year old raising her hands in praise to a David Crowder song. I'm not certain that I could have asked for a better appointment morning.
Beyond that our other updates are as follow: Abigail will be getting a nutritionist evaluation done on Friday to see what she thinks about the less than average growth rate as well as the weight fluctuation. I am playing phone tag with a speech therapist, but we should be starting in the next week or so with that. And finally, *sigh* we will be going to see a developmental pediatrician at the end of next month. I don't usually look forward to more doctors appointments, but this woman specializes in international adoption, as well as being extremely knowledgeable in things that come up more often in adoption in general. So I feel like all of the little things that each doctor is sort of at an "I don't know" point with can be channeled into one doctor to see what she thinks is NF related, and if we can pinpoint some causes of the other little things.
Also completely unrelated to specific health things, if you have a kiddo with special needs, are a photographer, or like to volunteer you might check out this sight. Abigail will be featured on it sometime in the future, and I will re-link to it when she is. For now we are enjoying the excitement of getting pictures of her done by a special friend who is a photographer for this site.
I'll leave you with this image. This is what is left about three minutes after handing Abigail a whole peach. :)


  1. Hey, it's perfectly alright to be "that momma" in the waiting room! I'm sure the ophthalmologist appreciated your preparation and handling of your child. He has enough to deal with already-- a child screaming in the waiting room isn't fun for anyone in the office. Thanks for the post!

    Jenn |