Monday, October 12, 2009

You take the good, you take the bad,

you take them both and there you have, the facts of life....enjoy that theme song going through your head now.

First of course is taking the we had a fun four day weekend. We left Thursday morning and spent Thursday and Friday preparing for my sister's wedding. She got married Friday night. It was beautiful and wonderful and we are both really excited for Tabby and Adam (and Javin having a new step-dad). I also got my first ride in a limo which was so awesome for me. :)
The church before the wedding.

We decided to stay until Sunday to get in some extra down time. We stayed at Jason's uncle's cabin on the Tippecanoe river. It was really great and relaxing. The trees were all starting to turn and we had this beautiful view of the water and forest on the other bank. It was a peaceful spot to rest. We got to spend time with both of our families which we always enjoy. Abigail took her first steps on Saturday. There was just so much good about the weekend. The view from the cabin we stayed at.
Then came the bad. Abigail seemed to be off all weekend. We weren't very surprised since all of the wedding festivities had meant missed naps and late to bed. She started to show signs of a cold and have a low grade fever. I figured we would end up at the doctors office today with another ear infection. On the ride home last night though she started to wheeze. We called the doctor and he said take her to the e.r. So I did. Four hours later we came out with the diagnoses of bronchiolitis starting to go into pneumonia, and of course an ear infection. It's exhausting to have a child whose health already causes me to worry. Then on top of that she seems to get sick more than most children. I actually sat in her room last night and cried while she slept on me. She is truly just such a great little girl, happy and full of joy. Even last night she acted fine, but she was so sick. I'm sure this is a great personality trait for a little girl with a life of unknown health issues to face. However it makes me sad to see how much she seems to suffer.
But as the title says the facts of life are that people get sick. We have to take the sick along with this incredible blessing that we have. She takes it all so well so I'm going to try to take my lessons from a one year old who seems to get the facts of life much better than I do already!

Abigail's first steps!!

Learning the facts of life,

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  1. Julia is similiar- she gets headaches, stomaches, fevers with no known case.. it goes on and on. I often wonder why if she has NF does she get so many other things? Isn't NF alone enough for a family. It makes me so sad too. This is really hard. Hopw your little joy filled girl is better soon!