Saturday, October 17, 2009

sicky mcgee...

Abigial and papa at Aunt Tabby and Uncle Adam's wedding!

So the last week has been more than a little stressful for this mama. Last Sunday night we went to the e.r. for Abigail's fever and wheezing. Monday she seemed better. Tuesday her fever went back antibiotic. Tuesday night wheezing resumed. Wednesday we went to our doctor. She gave us breathing treatments. Thursday a little better. Friday morning...more wheezing. Phone call to the doctor again...increased one of her nebulizer drugs, and is referring us to a pulmanologist. So here we are Saturday night. She is still wheezing off and on. Her fever and runny nose have returned. Sigh.

I have no idea what is wrong with her. I don't know why she isn't getting better. I am trying hard not to freak out, but all these different scenarios are going through my head. This little girl keeps getting sick and it is just getting closer together every time. I am grateful that I didn't start a new job because I would have lost it due to having to take so much time off.

So for all of you followers known and unknown, please pray for Abigail. We want her to recover. Fortunately she is still a very happy sick little girl. It just sucks from our perspective watching her be in pain, and thinking about what might be inside her tiny body causing all of these issues. We also could use some prayer for us. It's scary, as well as emotionally and physically draining.

Thank you all for your love and support.

The sicky mcgee's parents,

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