Thursday, February 6, 2014


on tuesday, january 28, i wrote this blog post about germs.  and as life would go, abigail woke up saturday morning with a respiratory virus.  fever.  coughing.  runny nose.  i spent the day praying, and hoping, and wishing that shilo wouldn't get it.
but, she did.  sunday morning was met with a fever and coughing and runny nose by both kids.  sunday night we made a trip to the e.r. because i couldn't get her temp to come down with meds.  a few hours later, all was fine again.  monday she was okay, and her fever came down with meds.  monday night she got wheezy. we started breathing treatments.  by tuesday morning, the treatments weren't changing how horrible her lungs sounded.  so i made a doctors appointment.
we left straight from the doctor's office to be admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.  her lungs sound awful. she hasn't needed oxygen at all, thankfully.  and they let us come home today since she isn't having fevers (which makes us believe that she is getting better).  we are still in the woods.  her lungs are still crackly and wheezy.
the virus.  human metapneumovirus.  hmv.  the same virus that nearly killed her two years ago.  new life goal, fine a cure for hmv.  or at very least an effective vaccination to prevent it...

please. please. please.  if you or your children are sick, stay home.

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