Friday, February 28, 2014


my girls have a flare for the dramatic.  some kids break bones or get stitches, mine eat glass, and go into seizures after bumping her head.  it was a crazy chain of events that ended with shilo scaring me more than i have ever been scared.
the brief of it is that shilo fell, hit her head, and went into seizures.  we made a trip to the e.r., and all ended well.  scans were clear.  she did need the emergency med, diastat, used to stop seizures, but it worked so we'll call it a win.
i, on the other hand was left with my mind circling the same question over and over again.  'will hitting her head always trigger seizures?'  she isn't mobile in a way where she injures herself very often, right now.  and, i know that when she becomes that type of mobile, head injuries will abound.

so this afternoon, i was reading in first samuel.  in the seventh chapter, samuel takes a stone and sets it up, naming a 'Ebenezer,' which means 'stone of help,' because, 'thus far the Lord has helped me.'  i love the simplicity of it.  it doesn't feel like this profound faithful statement causing me to put samuel up on a pedestal as someone who is way better at this whole loving God thing than i am.  it was just simply that up until this point in his life, he could see that God had helped him.
and i sat and reflected. i remembered the incredible in pouring of donations so abigail could have a tumor removed.  from friends.  from strangers.  the home that was opened to us while we spent those ten days in chicago.  and the grace of the tumor not being malignant.
i remembered the friends who took abigail when shilo was born, the house that was extended to us in kentucky while we waited on the icpc paperwork so i could leave the state with shilo.
the long hospital stay where friends very willingly watched abigail, came to visit, made decorations for shilo, mowed our yard, fixed our mailbox after it was hit by a snow plow, and loved us more than we could ever know.
and in the past almost two years, since we've been home, i thought of all the times someone has showed up with a mcdonald's coke (my very unhealthy vice) when i've admitted to having a bad day.  i've thought of the kind messages, the friends who have stepped up last minute to help during smaller hospital stays, and the outpouring of love we receive quite often.
and i narrowed it down to today.  the gift of both children sleeping in.  the kind note from my husband, reminding me that i am a great mama, and that the guilt i felt over shilo falling was not necessary.  the drink on my porch to start my day off right, and remind me that i'm loved.  and the people who have called or sent messages to tell us they were praying, thinking of us, and loved us.
i reflected on the fact that for us, often times, the outpouring of God's love comes through people.
right after i read about samuel raising his Ebenezer, the neurologist office called, and confirmed my fear. some kids with epilepsy, go into seizures when they hit their heads.  this could be something we see again and again.
but, all i could think was, 'thus far the Lord has helped me.'

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