Wednesday, April 3, 2013


i was pretty excited for sunday.  for the first time, in six months, we were going to church as a family.  jason goes every week, but the girls and i have been sitting it out because of my huge fear of germs due to the potential for a virus to make our little very sick.  again.
we had shilo's lunch blended and ready.  i had packed abigail's gluten and nut safe lunch the night before.  i had awesome dresses ready for the girls...shilo was going to get to wear the one that abigail wore for her first easter.  last year's easter was a little less than celebratory.  abigail looked cute in her dress, and shilo looked cute in her new hairbow and baby legs.  but, the whole breathing through a tube in her throat while in the picu, put a damper on the day.

easter 2012

you have likely figure out at this point, that things didn't go as we had hoped.  papa and abigail got to go to church.  mama and shilo got to go to the emergency room.  shilo woke up unable to hold her head up.  we were a little surprised since this is what she does when she has had a seizure at some point in the night that was fairly big.  she had been on her meds for a week and a half at this point.  so we continue with the morning, and figured she would nap it off like she has in the past.  she had small seizures all during breakfast. and then after breakfast, she would seize a few times, and then puke everywhere.  i called neuro who said to give her an extra dose of meds (since she had likely puked the first one up).  she promptly seized and puked that one too.  so we went to the hospital.  she's fine now.  she was fine that afternoon.
we did, however, manage, to get some pictures of the girls in their dresses before shilo puked on hers. they didn't turn out great.

i feel like this could land on awkward family photos.

but next year, we WILL be getting some great pictures.  we WILL all be smiling, and happy.  and we WILL all be well. little agrees.

i'm fine.  why were you so worried?

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