Sunday, March 3, 2013

smart girl.

abigail now knows all of her presidents.  in order.  and not in order.  home girl is super duper smart.  the video is horrible because it's done with our webcam, but you'll get the gist (and get to see how very very high energy she is).

i mention this often, but we were told that the NF along with some other factors pretty much guarantee a learning disability if not a low i.q.  sometimes, doctors are wrong.  really, really wrong.


  1. I've discovered this with Joey. He's already reading Junie B Jones books. He's not super strong at reading those books but he can so that's a huge win.

    When he school tested his IQ he scored 105 which on that particular test 95-115 was the 'normal'. So I think that's pretty darn good. I think the test was designed for 6-10 year olds? I can't remember the age range but do remember that it starts at 6 and they figured he was close enough to 6 years old that it would be a good test for him.

    He already knows all 50 states and where MOST of them are located and he has learned about half of the capitols too. Of course he knows all 4 oceans and 7 continents and their locations, which I think is amazing. He's aware of places like Germany, Egypt, Canada, Mexico, etc. . .

    It just blows my mind at how amazing he's doing academically.

    So yea, I totally know how much fun it is to work with our smart kiddo's and how rewarding it is when they achieve so much at such a young age when there are so many problems that plague them, including studies that say they will not be successful.

  2. Smart girl - but NF is odd, as INCENSE know from my 26 yr old smart girl. Grace be with you!

  3. glad she's proving them wrong so far.

    NF is odd.(i have it)

  4. She's just a blur of movement. LOL. I read once that kids with ADHD shouldn't be considered be considered attention deficient but endurance/energy gifted. She looks even more "energy gifted" than my kiddo. =P

    1. i like edurance/energy gifted much more than adhd. ;) we just say she is high energy. she's either off (asleep) or on.